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The guy who invented ____ should be shot. 8/21/14 - (209 replies)
I'll start. MDF trim and mouldings. :steamed:
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Ruger confiscates 20 round mags from CO gun owner! 8/23/14 - (135 replies)
Originally posted on LinkedIn Maybe it's time for a boycott of Ruger just like WE started on Smith & Wesson that cause S&W to crash and have to sell for pennies on the dollar. Maybe some of you remember that from the early days of GlockTalk. ----------------- Ruger confiscates 20 round...
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Obama orders review of federal role in allowing police to buy military gear 8/23/14 - (134 replies)
This is just a hunch, but I bet this does not apply to the Washington DC PD, as well as to the surrounding districts where our politicians live.
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Trend or isolated case; uninformed punks? 8/22/14 - (109 replies)
I work with a bunch of younger people. Out of eight people on my team, five are under 30. When we go on break with the other teams, the break tables are full of young people crammed together with their heads bowed and intently studying their smart phones. It is eerie; no one talks. They all just...
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Wait a sec... did Michael Brown actually PAY for the cigars? 8/20/14 - (106 replies)
[quote]“In their fervent effort to cast Brown in a negative light, they missed that the video seems to show Brown paying for the Swisher Sweets. “While it is difficult to be 100 percent certain, the video appears to show Brown purchasing some cigars but lacking the money for the amount...
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Tony Stewart may have run a guy down 8/10/14 - (504 replies)
Tony Stewart was involved in a crash during a sprint car race in New York. During the ensuing caution the other driver got out and was yelling at Stewart while on foot. Stewart's car hit the other driver. Some reports are that he has since died. You be the judge on whether or not it was intentional....
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Why speeders speed? 8/1/14 - (324 replies)
First off, I'm not talking about going with the flow of traffic, but speeding when driving when there's no traffic. Why do it? Granted, the penalties aren't even a slap on the wrist, but why lose the money to save a couple minutes?
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Arguing with Idiots or What Happened To The Rule of Law 8/6/14 - (271 replies)
I have watched GT and other forums for some time and have noticed a very disturbing trend. People have become intolerant of opposing views. More importantly, I see the nation starting to turn from a Nation of Laws to a Nation of Men. The rules and legalities seem to matter less and less as people...
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What started the American Civil War, suggest a good book 8/7/14 - (252 replies)
I've been reading a few books on American history. Just because. Anyway, what book would you suggest for understanding why the South seceded? And, related to that, why the North fought against the secession. I'm currently reading World on Fire And recently just read Manifest Destinies Before...
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Made the switch to DE safety razors. Won't be going back. 7/31/14 - (220 replies)
There was a thread on here some years back about DE razors that had a line that really stuck with me: one of the guys said "At 7 cents a blade, I change it out every week whether it needs it or not." That line really stuck with me, especially when Mach 3 cartridges cost- what, $18-$20 for a pack of 8?...
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Rally car flips over, wins race 8/27/14 - (No replies)
Just a cool video I found.
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New Gen 3 G19 336 ejector Question 8/27/14 - (1 reply)
Hey guys/gals and uhh, any variation thereof 😃 I have a dumb question regarding BTF and the 336 ejector. I have a NIB G19 made sometime in 2013 I believe that May have the 336 ejector. My question is; since I haven't had a chance to take it to the range (and may not for some time), is it possible...
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If ear plugs are rubber bullets... 8/27/14 - (1 reply)
... And /r/weekendgunnit decided that ammo is ear plugs, does that make ear muffs Tear Gas?:wow: That would make a gun's report be a gas mask, and the muzzle brake would be a person. :alex: So then do we give muzzle brakes voting rights? :dunno:
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red jacket firearms owner arrested again?? 8/27/14 - (2 replies)
I hope this isn't a repost but I just saw it so I thought id throw it out there..
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Holy crap! 8/27/14 - (1 reply)
On May 20, I placed an order for a Wilson Combat Professional (9mm). Well, to my utter astonishment, it was shipped today and will be here on Thursday! I was originally told that it would be 12-14 months to get this gun. But needless to say I am extremely happy about how quickly this gun was made. Of...
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Late Spring Drive 7/6/14
Photo taken a few weeks ago during a passing thunderstorm. ~Spero
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Review: IMI Razor Core 77-grain OTM 5.56x45mm Ammo 6/27/14
I’m a relative newcomer to the 5.56x45mm round. The first gun I had chambered in 5.56 that was truly my own and not a “shared custody” piece between my father and I was my Tavor SAR. However, my inexperience with the round evaporated during extensive accuracy testing with the Israeli bullpup....
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Michigan Governor Signs Law to Protect Gun Owners’ Privacy 6/27/14
On Tuesday Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation that exempted firearms records from being released under the Freedom of Information Act, a move that cemented a 1999 decision by the Michigan Supreme Court that found the disclosure of these records to be an invasion of personal privacy. “We...
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Quick Review: Radetec AmmoControl LED Round Count Advisor 6/11/14
I don’t have ice water in my veins. I have friends who do and I’ve always envied the quality, but under pressure, I often operate in panic mode. I simply don’t have the ability to hold the broad awareness under stress situations that’s often required in 3-gun competitions and tactical pistol...
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St. Louis Police Department to Auction Off Thompson SMGs 6/4/14
Firearm collectors: have a spare $20,000 or so lying around? Interested in owning a piece of history that’s a blast to shoot, too? Then you should keep in touch with the St. Louis Police Department. The agency is set to auction off nearly 30 .45-caliber Thompson submachine guns that have been...
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