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A better strategy for the Bundy/feds stand off? 4/13/14 - (232 replies)
I'm sitting warm and comfortable getting ready to play MMQB. Would it have been preferable for all those that came to support Bundy to have been armed with video cameras (showing my age) than with fire arms? The feds would do what the feds will do regardless, generally speaking. But our government dislikes...
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Do or Did you ever Spank Your Children ? 4/13/14 - (175 replies)
Just had a big fight with my wife about how to spank our son. First off he just turned 6 years old and has become a spoiled little brat ( likely our fault) & has NO RESPECT for Anyone or any thing. He def, has learned to 'pit' me & my wife against each other. She prefers spanking him with her hand &...
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Do You Support ANY Gun Control Laws? 4/15/14 - (149 replies)
A controversial question. We'll poll GT. 1the 2nd Amendment rules. Shall not be infringed. 2.Yes,there must be restrictions. 3.Undecided
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Auto enthusiasts; what sensation do you love most? 4/12/14 - (124 replies)
What aspect of the experience of owning an enthusiast vehicle do you enjoy most? Non-enthusiasts won't get it, as they will say things like quiet ride, or starts every time, or slower depreciation... This thread isn't for them; it's for guys/gals that love the sound of a healthy V8, or the feeling...
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Cars, am I the only one that doesn't care? 4/13/14 - (115 replies)
I have several friends that when we get together will discuss guns, sports etc... Usually the discussion turns to cars, this is when I zone out. Am I the only one that looks at a vehicle as a way to get from point A to point B? As long as it isn't a rusted bucket of bolts I'm fine. Am I alone?
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You May Be An Old Fart - Automotive Edition 4/3/14 - (660 replies)
If you have ever used a bumper jack and tire iron to change a flat, you may be an old fart. If you ever stuck a metal spout into a can of oil to top off your engine, you may be an old fart. If you remember what a Fuzz Buster was and what one looked like, you might be an old fart. If you know what...
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.40 S&W: The Ideal Service Handgun Caliber 3/25/14 - (442 replies)
Let me start this thread by saying; I used to hate the idea of owning a .40S&W. I also own a Gen 4 Glock 26 and a Glock 19 Gen 3 NIBX. I find the 9 x19 the easiest service round to shoot, transition between targets and hold on target under rapid strings of fire. The cheapest training cost of all the...
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Using Snipers To Protect A Tortoise(Snail Darter/Spotted Owl, Pt. 2) 4/10/14 - (360 replies)
Cliven Bundy may not be standing on solid ground(owes .gov $300,000+) in his "Beef" with the BLM. But what is really screwy and casts doubt on the .gov's story is that the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center had to euthanize a bunch of tortoises because: 1. They had too many of them:wow: 2. Releasing...
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Eighties Rock 3/24/14 - (297 replies)
I just listened to this song and it has gotten me on an eighties rock kick.
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Chapter 7 or 13 to Protect Home 4/3/14 - (285 replies)
So one of my friends lost his job through layoff about a year ago and then when unemployment ran out he could not make any house payments at all. So after four months behind they are starting foreclosure on him. But with no income at all I am thinking he should just file chapter 7 and then use some funds...
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You're killin' me Smalls! 4/17/14 - (1 reply)
You're killin' me Smalls!
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Which powder for use in Ruger Alaskan 44 Mag 2 1/2 barrel gun? 4/17/14 - (No replies)
Perhaps there's a thread dealing with this question, but I didn't find it using the search function. If there is such a thread, please point me in that direction. Somewhere I read that if 44 magnum doesn't push someone to reload, probably nothing else will. That said, I have several hundred rounds...
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G35 OWB holster suggestions, ANYONE! 4/17/14 - (No replies)
I've been looking for a nice OWB holster for my G35. I also have a Veridian C5L that I'd like to carry on it. Problem is finding a decent holster that would allow me to carry both. I noticed auctions on eBay listing a Fobus holster that lists the G35 in the title & description, but when I look at their...
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Safariland Model 18 IWB 4/17/14 - (No replies)
Hello All, Does anyone have a Safariland Mod 18 IWB holster? I want to know if it has an open bottom to accommodate guns of the same frame but different barrel lengths ie. G17 in a G19 holster or G19 in a G26 holster. Any help would be appreciated.
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The law of tyranny: 4/14/14
Hey I just wanted to share this: THE LAW OF TYRANNY: 1.Any power that can be abused will be abused. 2.Abuse always expands to fill the limits of resistance to it. 3.If people don't resist the abuses of others, they will have no one to resist the abuses of themselves, and tyranny will prevail. GOOD...
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460 rowland 4/13/14
I've read quite a bit about the folks at 460 Rowland, some good some not so good. Can this company be trusted ?
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G30SF Pocket carry 4/10/14
G30SF Pocket carry [quote=Eric2340;21089294]I pretty much wear cargo shorts all the time - work and leisure. About the only time I DON'T carry is at work, as firearms are not allowed on property (car dealer). Other than that, if I'm out and about I usually have one or the other on me, 30SF or 26....
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G19 "L" / G23 "L" 4/10/14
G19 "L" / G23 "L" [quote=Eric2340;20377445]Well at long last here is my latest - what I call a "Compact Glock Longslide" (a G19/23/32 size frame with a G17/22/31 length slide and barrel). Yes it's been done 1,000 times before, yes I have already done it once w/ a G17 (often called the "G19L"),...
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Clip for Surefire style lights 4/10/14
Clip for Surefire style lights [quote=Eric2340;21148734]So after much going back and forth on an easy way to carry my new Surefire Fury with me at all times between this holster and that holster, or just sticking it in my pocket, I think I finally have a solution that works for my EDC. Prometheus...
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